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We are a small, veteran owned, family farm located in Southern Missouri.  We have been blessed as a family to have the opportunity to live here in the Heart of the Ozarks.

We  have always had a variety of animals including chickens, turkeys, rabbits, pigs, cows, dogs, cats and more. However, when our youngest daughter Layla decided she wanted to start showing Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, our hearts were completely stolen by the them.  We absolutely love their personalities and the joy they bring to our lives.  

In 2022 we decided to add a few full-size goats to the farm as well.  We found the docile personalities and fantastic milk production of the Sables to be the perfect addition.   

Our goal is to breed quality Nigerian Dwarf & Sable dairy goats that continue to not only meet the standards but to exceed in every aspect.  We strive for correct confirmation, exceptional udders and great capacity.

Our desire for more natural products has led us to launch our own line of handcrafted goats milk soaps & lotions. All products are made with love right here on the farm from milking the goats to individually handcrafting each product.  We are so thankful and appreciative of your support of our small family farm.

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